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Where Are YOU on Your list?

Our Weight Watchers meeting topic yesterday was quite timely. It was centered around taking care of yourself. My Mom has always claimed that “Heather’s good to Heather.” but I tend to think that pertained to me in my 20′s. Right now in my life, that doesn’t pertain to me very much.

Hell, I’m a mother. So right there that knocks me down a wrung or two. The amount of participation in the meeting was quite telling. Our leader Sandy asked “What do you do to find ‘me’ time?” As a group, we had maybe 3 bullet points. Not alot. And then you look around the room and it is 98% women. So I thought about it. What does my list look like? In the past week here’s a ballpark:

1) Work. All Red Cross, all the time. Not an exaggeration. I worked 7 days this week. And this week had 3 – 12 hour days mixed in for good luck. Not uncommon for people I know.

2) Logan. The little man sees me very little during the week so the minute I pick him up, he’s the focus. Any working parent knows this. Today was an afternoon of easter egg hunts and a movie. Joyful and happy. I loved every minute. He belongs near the top of the list.

3) Family and house. You know how this goes. Cooking. Laundry. Picking up. Grocery shopping. Life in general.

4) I spent more time on volunteer work than I did on working out. No lie. It’s part of the responsibility of being a Board Chair.

5) Working out. This puppy needs to come up. If I’m going to achieve my health goals, I need to do better. I did the dreaded “I’m so tired. I’m just going to sleep a little more this morning and work out tonight.”  two times last week. Then the night came and I was sound asleep on the couch by 9:15. But by ‘sleeping a bit more’ that mean 5:45 instead of 5:00 am. The usual wake up time.

6) Me time. Me alone with my thoughts. Me taking the time to center myself. Honestly, this came mostly in the car, so does that even count? My writing of this blog I feel as if it’s ‘me’ time. And when I barely post, I feel like that is an indicator of how much time I am focusing on me and my health.

There is a saying that if you don’t take care of yourself, then you won’t be able to be there to take care of your family and the people you love. Yesterday at our meeting the questions was posed, “How well do you ask for help?”. I know for me, not well at all. But I think this is part of being a woman/Mom/wife/friend. We just don’t ask for help. We feel the need to do it all. When I was a little girl I always loved pretending to be Wonder Woman in my underroos and fake yellow glasses, but do I really need to strive to be her still now? Why don’t I put the guilt in it’s proper place and realize that taking 2 hours to myself on the weekend to work out and breathe isn’t going to make me a bad mother/wife/friend?

I have resolved to this week blocking time in the Outlook calendar just for me and actually doing it. I live and breathe by my Blackberry so I might as well use it to my advantage.  It’s time to shift the list. I think you should try too. Think about where you are on that list and make it a goal to try and move the places around. Dare to put yourself higher in the rankings.

I’ll let you know how this week goes. I promise to be honest- with myself and with you.

Miss Sally Bigpants

It’s a joke in my house. I have referred to my husband as Sammy Bigpants with his recent weight loss from running because some pants are too big. Silly big. Well, I got my own nickname.

I had on a pair of pants today that by the end of the day they were silly big. Yup, I’m Sally Bigpants. This is a hard concept for me. I have bins, and I mean BINS, of clothes in my attic that are too small. You know the drill. With each season comes the “I”ll just hold onto these for another year to see if I can wear them again. Next year is my year. I swear.”  Yeah, that was 5 years ago for me.

But, this year MAY in fact be my year. I haven’t gotten the spring bins down from the attic yet out of fear that I will be met with disappointment yet again but I know some things will fit better than last year. 20 pounds later, they better. This summer I have a personal goal that some of the honeymoon dresses I wore WILL fit again.

Do you have the varying sizes bins? Or the sections in the closet that haven’t been touched in ages? I do hang a particular skirt in view in my closet to remind me how much I love it and want to get back into it again. Maybe we should all resolve to stop the cycle of bins and find our happy weight and stick with it. Once and for all. I’m in if you are.

Are You Judging…My Cart?

I still forget that people read this. Honestly, I do. I see the Google Analytics, I see how many people stop and read and where they are from but I honestly am still amazed by it. But, when my blog enters my real life, I have to laugh and honestly I love it.

Remember my cart confession a little while back? I got called out on it tonight and it made me laugh right out loud! I was rushing into Wegmans tonight to grab 1) brie 2) stuffed olives 3) pepperoni 4) crackers – Nut thins actually and 5) hummus for a girls night tomorrow night. Logan decides he wants the GIANT car cart that is annoying to turn and well, you know how fast running into a store with a toddler is. (Not fast AT ALL for those of you who don’t have kids.)

Anyhoo, as I’m coming in I run into my friend Danielle. So thrilled to see her because I needed to ask her a question anyways. Nice to see her in person rather than through Facebook. Anyhoo, we end our chat and she says “Are you judging my cart?”. Pure awesome. And in fact, no I wasn’t judging her cart because I couldn’t see in her cart. She was bagged and ready to go. I loved it and laughed right out loud. Blog meets real life.

And if anyone was judging my cart tonight they would know that was one Mama ready for an evening of laughs and drinks with the girls. And a whole lotta cheese to boot.

“Hey, People Have Needs Heather.”

This is one of the funniest lines I have heard in a long time. My friend Tina tells me today that she was wondering where my posts were. I state, I’ve been busy. She basically tells me that readers have needs, so get typing. I love me some Tina :-) So, here I am, typing away.

I have had alot of great quotes, nuggets and quips from some of my greatest friends who are mirroring back to me what they read here when I sound less than stellar :-/ I have had a crazy hectic couple of weeks and I have felt like I’m not as focused as I like to be. But the emails I get from friends who read and share their life with me (as we cheer each other on) really help. My best friend Kellie reminded me the other day, when I was bemoaning my less than fast weight loss, that it was about my journey and it wasn’t a race. Yup, she’s right.

I will tell you that while I share pieces of my life on here, the emails, conversations, cupcake pictures and hugs that I receive from my friends that care enough to read have been my greatest gifts. I feel like I have a cheering squad and I hope that you realize you have the same in me.  I also realize that I have some of the greatest friends a woman could ask for. Blessed doesn’t even come close.

Some people think I’m crazy for sharing my life in such a public way. I don’t share nearly as much as I want to or as much as others do on blogs, but I always say the same thing- I’m just sharing what I think we all have in common. We are people sharing a common experience- figuring out how to be the best we can be, what we want to “be when we grow up”, chasing our dreams and trying to make sense of this crazy world. I’m trying to do all that plus be healthier than I have been in recent years. So hell, why not share it so that all of us don’t feel like we are the only ones.

So, a thank you from me to you for reading. I know you have needs, and I do to. Let’s hope we can help each other fulfill them in some small way. And now, I’m off to fulfill my need for sleep……good night!