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Moments Like This

This journey is long and winding and vitally important for my life. Today I was reminded about why I am doing everything that I am to try and get healthier. Each Sunday morning, Logan wakes up, gets into bed with Joe and I and we start our day with a chat. He brings in an armful of stuffed animals and sometimes a book and a flashlight…and….and…and…

Anyhoo, this morning we are laying there chatting and he turns towards me, touches my face and in his squeaky little voice he says “Mom, I love you. You are a really good Mom.” Cue my tears. It was sweet and just in that moment you catch your breath and think that maybe, just maybe, trying your best is worth it.

His squeaky voice and sense of wonder is why I wake up at 5 am and run, and eat kale and eliminate gluten, cut coffee to try and heal my gut, and work less and relax more. He’s worth it. I owe it to him to try my best. I don’t want to miss a single moment like that because of something I could have prevented.

Enjoying the Experience 98% of the Time

Life can be pretty hectic, don’t you agree? Some days my life is traveling at 100 mph and I try and slow down. Some days, I’m not that successful. This past week I had the opportunity to go to New York City for work. Into the city Sunday, home Monday night. As hectic as a NY minute. When I travel for work I try and build in a little time for adventure time. Walking around a city, just taking in and appreciating the vibe. Slowing down.

Sunday afternoon was beautiful. Sunny and just the right temperature. I was walking around a new part of Manhattan that I hadn’t been to before. Keeping an open mind. Finding little parks tucked into neighborhoods- enjoying what some people may never see in their lifetime. Cool. Then I realized I was only a few blocks from the World Trade Center site. I walked over to that sacred place. You can feel something in the air. People were quiet, and for NYC that’s a feat. Somber. Quiet. Yet rebuilding. But I kept reminding myself, I am blessed. I am in the worlds coolest city on a beautiful day and genuinely enjoying it. And finally being able to visit this sacred ground to quietly pay my respects.

Sunday evening I had dinner with my good friend, Keith. Now Keith and I met by chance. We were both fundraisers for a national organization at a national conference and we were standing near one another during an event. That was 4 years ago. I have left that organization but our friendship stayed intact. Emails, phone calls, encouragement. Both of us took the time to stay in contact, taking the time to care and cheering each other on. All over the shared love of cupcakes. We had a lovely meal in a great restaurant in this awesome city. Perfection. Open to the experience. Grateful for the blessings.

Monday I took part in Senator Gillibrand’s “Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit” in a room with 500 powerful women listening to more powerful women all in the name of advancing women in New York State. Pinch me. Very cool to be there.

Moral of the story- I am grateful. I am grateful to be able to do things, see things, experience things that some people never will. I work hard every day and count my blessings and my life is full. I can’t complain, and try really hard not to.

At our dinner Keith was sharing his insight with me. He said, in the grand scheme of life it’s the 98% that matters- family, friends, happiness, health- and the 2% is the crap that annoys us and doesn’t really matter anyways. He’s vowing to focus on the 98% not the 2%. Its the people and experiences that fill the 98% that make life worthwhile.

I’m with Keith. I plan on focusing on that 98%. Being grateful for the blessings in my life, the opportunities that I have and the possibilities that lie ahead. What percentage are you going to choose to focus on? Imagine the impact we all would have if we chose to live in the 98%. Trust me, its nicer here.

Look Backwards to Look Forward

In the past week alot has been written and said about Steve Jobs since his death. I won’t even attempt to write something new or exciting here. I’m sure it has been said already, and far better than I could articulate.

My husband printed out Jobs’ 2005 Stanford speech and posted it in his office. I was reading it tonight all while my 4 year old played games on the Mac (yes, it’s so user friendly a 4 year old can play on it). There was a line in the speech that struck me today, “You have to look backwards in order to look forward.” Pretty much we must appreciate our past in order to look in the direction that we are going.

I think all of us can appreciate that statement. I know that it crosses into every aspect of my life- work, personal, family and my health. I now know that for every job I didn’t get led me to this one. For every man that broke my heart, it was leading me to finding my husband. For every stupid mistake I made there was a greater lesson waiting to me learned. For every month I didn’t get pregnant was leading me to my wonderful son that was destined for Joe and I.

Yet, in the moment it doesn’t feel like these things were leading anywhere. I cried tears over the jerks, I got annoyed at those institutions that didn’t hire me, I got angry at myself over the mistakes. Because I didn’t have the fortunate knowledge of remembering to look backwards in order to look forward.

As I get older I now know to trust my (albeit sometimes leaky) gut. Listen to my instincts. All will be the way it is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s not the easiest/prettiest/most scenic route but it is the right way for me and for my journey forward. What I personally loved about Steve Jobs through the years was reading about how he stuck to his beliefs. He knew what he wanted and stayed the course. Sometimes that doesn’t make you the most popular person, of which I know from personal experience, but if you stay true to yourself and what you think is right, you may be surprised at the amazing outcome. I always say, I may not be the most popular person in the room but I will always try to do what’s right.

May you grow more comfortable with your “now” knowing that someday you will look back and realize it was the right path. Just think about it. Don’t you see it?

On the health front, I am on day 31 of no coffee or alcohol in an attempt to heal my leaky gut faster and better. Not easy by any means but proud of myself thus far. Almost to my half way point for my 75 days. Yet, my actions were reaffirmed this weekend while I had my annual eye check up. Much to my SHOCK my eye sight actually improved over last year. The same thing happened to my husband too. My Dr. said that gluten affects eye sight as well. I was shocked. So, I’ll just keep on trucking along on my path and celebrate the wins along the way.

(Thanks for reading and I hope you like the new site layout. It was time for something fresh and new.)